Sorry folks, Things just gotten busy at my side. I don’t know when will I returned but I am still alive and I am fine. 

I promise I will be back after my internship…hopefully 

» Reminder that I start work this week so replys are on weekend only again
» Planning on renovating this blog. Don’t worry it still a Vanitas Blog but there will be changes ^^
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A weapon forged from nightmares and sweet dreams. These two keyblades have power beyond that of any others alone, but when combined together, they rival the fabled weapon, the one that is never to be forged again. The United Force is truly a legendary keyblade.

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Wanna Fuck ;-)


"Fuck no!"

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» Send “Wanna fuck?” for the character’s reaction.

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» Lurk mode on

//Some lazyass isn’t getting up so no reply until he is awake. *Kick Van in the head*


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Was busy for the entire day. Sorry for being active today. I will see you all tomorrow

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